how much you love your bff?

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do you have a bff!?if you don't,that's okay.but offcourse you have a friend in your life!if you don't,then i can be your friend!lol!in this quiz you'll findout

how much you love your bff!you'll have a story that shows you are you a real bff for her/him or he/she is just calling you bff!hope you like it!please rate and comment!bye!

Created by: dragon

  1. so,this quiz is about how much you love your bff.we'll kinda role-play it!
  2. so,you're walking with your bff.your bff sayd:"[your name]i wanna tell you a secret.please,please don't tell it to anyone!""okay!"you say...
  3. "[her/his secret.]"bff says."awesome!!!"you're happy that bff told you his/her secret."okay,i won't tell it to anyone!belive me!""thanks."bff says.
  4. oh,i forgot!you were walking to you're in a class.and you're sitting beside tim!(your friend!)"hey.what's up?"he says."....
  5. "okay.."he look at your back,you watch your bff.can you keep her secret?
  6. after the class,you go and hangout with your bff.then you go to the class again.but when you get out of that class,you see everyone are staring at you andour bff!
  7. and yes!they knew your bff's secret!!
  8. your bff runs away.she goes out of the school run after her.why?
  9. "wait!"you shout."wait [her/his name]!"she/he stops."WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?"the bff says.he/she seems to be realy,realy angry!"...
  10. she/he comes closer.."you told them my was you!you were the only one that i told her/him too!"bff says."..
  11. she/he don't know where he/she is wanna go after bff but the bell rings and should go back to another class...
  12. so,this quiz is over!did you like it!don't forget that it has part 2!!at the next parts you'll findout how the people in school foundout bff's secret and how you tell bff that it wasn't your fault and how he/she undrestand that you're telling the truth!

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Quiz topic: How much you love my bff?