How much you know about Pokemon?

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You can do it, if you try and if yo don't well shucks darn becuase you gotta try, give it your best, and don't give up. Life is a nutshell and your here to crack it!

If you can't crack it, then well try harder and don't give up until you cracked the nutshell to what you desire. DO what you want, and remember this is a quiz, so don't be sad if you fail.

Created by: scott

  1. What is the correct Spelling?
  2. What are EV's and IV's? (be specific)
  3. How many Generations of Games are there?
  4. How many Pokémon are in the RED & BLUE Pokédex?
  5. How many attacks can one Pokémon hold (max) at one time?
  6. How many regions (including anime) are there in the Pokémon World? (not including roms, only official stuff)
  7. How many Items can a Pokémon hold at one time?
  8. How many berries are there in the First Generation? (RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN)
  9. How many Types of Pokemon are there? (ex Grass, Fire, Water...) Be Specific!
  10. How many badges do your require to Challenge the Pokémon League? (games, not anime)(be real, no glitches etc.)
  11. Who are all the Champions? Kanto, to Kalos, Game not Animae)
  12. Which City is NOT in Pokémon? (game not anime)
  13. Lucario is the ________ Pokémon!

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