How much random information do you know?

There comes a time when you must test yourself against the difficult ranges of your knowledge. And I am most definitely not talking about state capitals or the stature of our government! I am talking about the excitement deserved by such things as Toastmasters International, jellyfish contents, and chicken flights.

And so, young citizen, embark with me into the land of the unknown. Or maybe, just maybe, you are a scholar of randomness just like me. Ha! I will be the judge of that! Alright, fine. Enter the abyss of my wonderfully joyous quiz and dare to be random! You may be surprised at what you find...

Created by: Lola Krymklad
  1. How many different animal crackers are there?
  2. The Mona Lisa has no...
  3. Most lipstick contains what ingredient?
  4. Which product had the first barcode?
  5. Clinophobia is the fear of what?
  6. What state was formerly known as Franklin?
  7. How many forks, knives, and spoons are there in the White House?
  8. How many cookies does the average person eat in their lifetime?
  9. Charles Osborne holds the world record for having the hiccups for the longest span of time. How long did he have them?
  10. Every second, Americans eat how many pounds of chocolate?
  11. Lachanophobia is the fear of what
  12. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of what?
  13. What word was considered "dirty" in England in the 1880s?
  14. How many seeds are on the average Big Mac?

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Quiz topic: How much random information do I know?