How much of Brent Rivera do you know??

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Do you think you know Brent Rivera? Well you're about to find out.I have been watching him for almost 3yrs now and I have learned a lot about him.What an interesting guy!

I basically just want share my knowledge about Brent with everybody.Even you! Yes you! Who is reading this, might know more about Brent more than I do. This is your time to shine!

Created by: Skuddudle
  1. Do you know who Brent Rivera is?
  2. If you do know who Brent is, what was his former YouTube tag before changing to Brent Rivera?
  3. Who is Brent's only sister?
  4. Which one of Brent's friends didn't go to Italy with him?
  5. How many children are there in total in Brent's family?
  6. How did Brent's fame begin?
  7. Who is Brent's crush?
  8. Which one of these isn't a song written by Brent Rivera?
  9. Brent's sister has a boyfriend,but Brent doesn't want them together.Brent always beats Lexi's boyfriend with a broom.Who is Lexi's boyfriend?
  10. Brent once wore a shirt in one of his videos.His shirt had a tag describing what kind of brother he is.What did the shirt read?
  11. Which of these people should I quiz about next?

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Quiz topic: How much of Brent Rivera do I know??