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  • Animals score 76% in your brain!

    You nearly love animals and you like the 75-25. You like most of them but not all (snakes,spiders). How sad.

    Rofl. I adore snakes and spiders. I have 3 snake and I also have quite alot of other animals too but none of them are neglected there all in tip top condition. There not all mine the only ones that I truly care for are my snake Amber and my Cat Smudge. Cool quiz though.

  • got 100%, it's me wiiwii, if you get my message then respond on one of my quizzes,

    would i date you(girls only)
    do you have smarts

    also the description was of me in my quiz was TOTALLY fake im only 13 and im like 4'8

    also i really hate sports and i LOVE animals, like u kinda (:


  • 76%. Fairly accurate. I love snakes...HATE HATE HATE spiders!


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