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  • Woowoowoo . The long island i-zy zack ryder and hornswoggle

    jemah jempot Apr 8 '18, 1:59AM
  • Bruh I got triple h well John CENA is memetastic but can't wrestle 4 his lyfe

    Sadistic Mule Dec 12 '16, 6:43PM
  • awsome i got john cena and he can wrestle better than half the ppl u named just sayin

    SC countrygirl Jun 18 '16, 1:31AM
  • I am happy that I got Randy Orton but I was REALLY hoping for John Cena. Great quiz though.

    Deadbush123 Jan 15 '16, 3:42PM
  • No I'm like Rey not Jeff!

    NathanSturgill Jul 7 '15, 9:07PM
  • I got to be the Rated-R superstar Edge!

    Provan Dec 26 '14, 2:33PM
  • Sweet!I got JOHN CENA!

    Malcolm Wolf Nov 15 '14, 9:34AM
  • GO JC

    ShyBlueButterfly Oct 8 '14, 5:33PM
  • K

    ShyBlueButterfly Oct 8 '14, 5:32PM
  • really good quiz,John Cena is one of my favriote wrestlers

    Dduvallds472 Sep 30 '14, 7:23PM
  • Alright!!!CENA!!!

    EZX Aug 24 '14, 2:17PM
  • Jeff hardy the definition of extreme

    darkassasin1121 Jul 7 '14, 10:52AM
  • Awesome quiz, I love John Cena!

    Byzantium Jul 8 '13, 7:05PM
  • This damn computer screen says im just like stone cold...but i really don't give a rat's ass about all see everybody down in that list that of superstars says they got the talent ,but in reality their asses can't afford to face stone cold...shawn micheals,hhh,the rock it don't really make a damn their asses belong to the 3:16
    And that's the bottom line because stoooone cooooold said so!

    FUDGE FEAR Dec 28 '12, 5:24AM
  • Kurt Angle, what a compliment.

    One Of A Kind Jul 2 '12, 4:56AM
  • Loved it! John Cena is awesome!!!#

    Zane Is Here Jun 22 '12, 12:17PM
  • Shawn Michaels, now that's awesome.

    One Of A Kind Jun 17 '12, 5:00AM
  • Sweet :) 98 percent!!! sweeet niblets:) hahaha

    gorgeous3036 May 16 '12, 8:43PM
  • This was a long test and i will not take it i got randy ortan sorry i spelld that wrong it just made me so bordu

    Angela pela Sep 26 '11, 11:36AM
  • well i got shawn michaels... i guess i do have a tendency to try showing off my talents alot

    nick9872 Jul 17 '11, 8:33AM
  • Awesome quiz triple h rocks

    SART Apr 11 '11, 2:10PM

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