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  • What should I draw?
    "Draw a Monster High character from "Monster High". Draw Frankie Stein."
  • ShyBlueButterfly
    "Please stop! I WILL LEAVE U ALONE"
  • ShyBlueButterfly
    "Stop scaring me before I tell my mom and she will call the police."
  • "Be gay I dont care leave god alone and me aswell"
  • ShyBlueButterfly
    "I respect who you are okay because I dont care. You guys are saying bad things about god and I dont like it, personally, I was trying to tel..."
  • "I wont be seeing anybody in hell. I dont cRe about u guys going to hell, I just want to protect gods heart."
  • "This is my last time telling you this, if you want to go to hell for all eternity, then dine, I don't give a f---. I am a Christian, Baptist..."
  • "You know I love werewolves better than vampires!"
  • "He can feel hurt in his heart by people and he is human he is just magic and ANRI U ARE ANDAMN ASSHAT b---- JUST GO TO HELL"
    "I am done with this so I am no less ngwr talking about itm.......m.... Leave me alone."
  • "But u ate yelling at him for no reason and ok I respect that Bella"
  • "U can burn for all eternity. God wants me to respect for who u are and forget this. I am not going to hell because I am just f---ING MAD U G..."
  • "Dont growl at alex and I am not setting this up. Alex is my friend"
    "Oh I ducked ng shoved that word back in his f---ing mouth. If u say something like that, I will do it to u to. No threat but I will. I meant..."
  • "All of you just go to hell and leave me alone. Anri, Misty is gay. Ask her and I DONT GIVE A f--- WHETHER U SPELLED SATAN'S NAME WRONG OR f-..."

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