How much of a work tool are you?

Do you or someone you know work with tools? Take this quiz to find out just how big of a tool the people you work closest to are. Is it just one tool, or the entire toolbox.

Do you think you or someone you work with is a tool? Then try this quiz and see if you can find out how much of a tool the people who work around you are.

Created by: Jeremy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. On casual Fridays, you like to wear:
  2. If there is a group meeting, you:
  3. You are giving a presentation:
  4. You have employees working under you:
  5. If your boss asked you to come work on the weekends, you would reply:
  6. You are enthusiactic while at work:
  7. You have acne:
  8. You are a virgin
  9. You dreams are to:
  10. You are in charge of clerks
  11. You know who this quiz is talking about

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Quiz topic: How much of a work tool am I?