How Cool Are You ? ? ?

Not Everyone Is Born Cool, Some People Work Hard At Being Cool, Some People Try To Be Cool But Never Really Succeed, Others Just Dont Even Bother. You Will Only Know Your True Coolness After Taking The Test. If You Dont Like Any Of The Answers Or Questions Then Dont Carry On, Chances Are Your Not Cool Anyways

Are You Cool Or Are You A Tool ? Not Everyone Will Like The Results But If You Cant Face The Truth Dont Take The Test. Until Now You Could Only Wonder, Take The Test And Find Out If You Truly Are Cool Or A Tool. These Questions Have Been Specifically Created To Separate The Cool People From The Tools

Created by: gemma of Mystery_Blonde
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pick The Best Artist Out Of These (Even If You Like None Of Them)
  2. What Is Your Music Style ?
  3. What Is Most Like Your Dress sense ? (Gals / Guys)
  4. Favorite Type Of Movie
  5. If You Could Be Stuck In A Room With 1 Person, Who Would It Be
  6. How Much Disney Channel Do You Watch
  7. If You Could Visit One Of These Places Which Would It Be?
  8. Most Important Thing In Your Pocket
  9. Who Would You Rather Be / Date
  10. Favorite Season
  11. Favorite TV Program
  12. Do You Drive

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