What is your weapon best describes you?

They say you can judge alot by the weapon he or she carries, what kinda person are you and what deadly tool do you use? For every man their is a great weapon that will bring him down, figure out which is best for you.

Find out what your deadly tool of choice is!! There are thousands of weapons in the world, and a person to match all of these, either way you are pretty much a deadly piece of work.

Created by: Arsyn354
  1. You see a foreign flag in the distance, and only one solider holding it...
  2. A man tells you there is a big monster in the woods and needs you to kill it
  3. Your sitting in a bar and someone starts a wild bar fight,
  4. OH NO! You suffer a battle wound...
  5. Zombie outbreak! Where do you head?
  6. Favorite color?
  7. Are you strong?
  8. Some wierdo is staring at you and has been following you for hours...
  9. Your battle armor of choice?
  10. And lastly, What kinda candy falls from your pinata?

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Quiz topic: What is my weapon best describes me?