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  • 52% oh great, you're such a wonderful person to go around insulting others like that. You think you're so "hardcore"? Then shut up and get a higher self-esteem yourself and maybe you won't feel like trying to tear other people down like that. (And yeah, I know this is a late response to the quiz, but whatever)

  • you are 64% scene-kid

    EMO EMO EMO EMO your an emo kid you aren't cool enough to be hardcore and you whine too much to be a scene-kid just go back to your room adn turn off the lights and wallow in your self-pity

    Lmao.. .
    iDont Whine AT ALL...
    And Imma Scared Of The Dark :-P....
    And Whut Self-Pity :-p...
    Lmao :3...
    : 3

  • 92%


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