How much of a Psychopath are you?

There are around 0.5-5% of the population that are psychopaths. A psychopath is a person that has suffered from a POSSIBLE! Mental abnormality, making them more aggressive then most.

Hello, there! This is a test to see how much of a psycho-path you are. This is definitely not an accurate result-giver, so don't take these results too honestly.

Created by: Joker1001

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  1. Do you bully people often? (Please answer truthfully.)
  2. Have you ever dreamed of, been affiliated with, or have been a nurse?
  3. How often do you do drugs?
  4. Do you some-times go... Over-board in self-defense?
  5. Have you ever killed any-body? Even out of self defense?
  6. How many friends do you have?
  7. Do you have bi-polar issues?
  8. Do you enjoy blood and gore?
  9. Do you enjoy explosions?
  10. Do you like getting into fights?
  11. Do you relish in seeing people in pain?
  12. Do you have ADHD?
  13. Have you ever been abused?
  14. Are you a person who plans things, or acts impulsively?
  15. If some-one wrongs you, do you like to get 'even'?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Psychopath am I?