Are you serial killer or psychopath?

This is an psycho test, where you shold find out, who really you are. Random words for length: this hello, hey, psycho, test, i, dontknowbecause, iknow

Just check it out. And now just some random words for length: hey, killertestisjusthere, checkitout, andyouknow, hi, xyz, abc, idk, who, ehy, what, where

Created by: MrFantastic_SvK
  1. Do you just look on people, like you wanna to do something with them?
  2. If you were a killer, which weapon will you use?
  3. Do you love someone (or loved)?
  4. What will you use to make your target to sleep?
  5. Imagine. You will enter your car and you will see injured person in backseat. What will you do?
  6. What are you good at?
  7. Do you live with someone?
  8. Have you killed someone?
  9. How will you name your pet?
  10. Did you killed an animal?

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Quiz topic: Am I serial killer or psychopath?