How Crazy Are You?

There are insane asylums for a reason, you know. There are some real loonies out there, and some of them are more loopy than the rest. Some fear them, others revere them; some even aspire to become one of them.

Are YOU crazy? Do you have any connections with reality? With this amazing quiz, you can compare your sanity to legendary figure of insanity, Donald Duck. Are you a complete psychopath? Or are you a boring doldrum sort of person? Find out with this short, easy quiz!

Created by: Varklord
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  1. How often do you throw large, blunt objects at your neighbors?
  2. Have you ever considered howling at the moon?
  3. Name a character from the popular sereis "Honey Honey".
  4. How would you describe your mind?
  5. How often do you speak English?
  6. Would you go Communist if someone offered you 5 bucks?
  7. Do you obey the law?
  8. Is Donald Duck Crazy?
  9. Which of the following is your favorite number?
  10. Which is better; pirates or ninjas?

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Quiz topic: How Crazy am I?