How much of a Mr. Bolling fan are you?

Since the fan club is getting full, Here's a Mr. Bolling quiz to see if you are 100% of a fan. If you get 100% then you would be invited to be part of the voice talents, If you got a microphone that connects to your computer or if not, Shout in a video while doing your lines.

Are YOU a true Mr. Bolling fan? Come and see for yourselves and find out if your dumb like Arnold or smart like Grandma Bolling at doing this fun quiz that almost everyone would enjoy!

Created by: Ryan
  1. In Episode One & Two, Mr. Bolling has freckles at a few points and most of the time, His freckles has disapeered, How come?
  2. There was a deleted scene in Episode One of where Mr. Bolling shows him bottom at the camera, How come that part was deleted?
  3. The Theme Song for Series Two it uses music from Thomas The Tank Engine, Which character music was it?
  4. What team does Mr. Bolling play for?
  5. In the deleted part of Episode Six, Who shot the mime?
  6. Mr. Bolling makes his way on a comic in October 2007, What happens in the first issue?
  7. How old is Arnold?
  8. After the new movie, Callum, Oliver and Ronaldo gets popular in the show, How come?
  9. What is Mr. Bolling's real name?
  10. FINAL QUESTION: Mr. Bolling was moved to a company named...

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Quiz topic: How much of a Mr. Bolling fan am I?