How well do you know "The Voice" judges?

Have you watched the voice? R u a voice genius? If so go ahead and take this awesome, voice fun filled quiz. If you know little, much, or nothing about the voice, go ahead and take the quiz.

Do you think you know everything there is about the voice and its judges. Do you? Yay or nay? To have fun and find out, take this quiz to see how much of a voice genius you are.

Created by: The Voice Person
  1. What country is Shakira from?
  2. Which judge's album is, " Looking 4 myself?"
  3. Which judge is the male judge that is the new judge in the 2013 Season?
  4. In the 2013 season, which judge's final four contestants were all female powerhouses?
  5. Which judge's single is " Boys 'Round Here?"
  6. Which judge is a Jewish boy from LA?
  7. Which judge's birthday is October 14th?
  8. Which 2 judges are 36 as of 5/13/13?
  9. Javier Colon was on who's team?
  10. Holly Tucker in season 4 was on who's team?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know "The Voice" judges?