How much of a gotoquiz freak are you?

People think they are obsessed with this site, but are they? If you think that you are obsessed, then you should take this quiz honestly and prove it.

It might not be obsessed or are you? Take this beast quiz to find out. You need to answer it honestly if you want to get the right result.

Created by: purple3298
  1. How many gotoquiz's have you made?
  2. If you have made quiz's ( be honest ), how many have made the top 40?
  3. How often to you come on this site?
  4. Have you taken every quiz that is on the top 40's list?
  5. Have you taken all of the new quizzes as of today?
  6. Have you searched quizzes?
  7. Do you comment on a lot of quizzes?
  8. Do you rate a lot of quizzes?
  9. Do you look forward to coming to this site every day?
  10. Do you research information about this site?

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Quiz topic: How much of a gotoquiz freak am I?