How much of a good girl are you?

This simple, ten-question quiz will determine if you are a good girl or not. I hope you are, because we need more good girls and boys in our fragmented world.

Good luck on this quiz! If you get a good score, share it with your friends and family on a social media site. Frankly, if you get that good of a score, you might not even have social media! :)

Created by: Sarah Smitee

  1. When your friend tells you a secret, you:
  2. Imagine this: Your friend Sabrina wants you to take a pottery class with her on Saturday. Your friend Elle wants you to go hiking with her and her sister on the same day, same time. What do you do?
  3. You gossip a lot.
  4. Imagine this: Your friend Meg is convinced she's fat and you can tell she definitely needs support. What do you say to her?
  5. Are you popular amongst mean girls or nice girls?
  6. Do you use Instagram/other social media to backstab people?
  7. Imagine this: Your friends are going to a party where there are drugs and alcohol. Do you go with them?
  8. Do you respect your friends, teachers, and parents?
  9. What is the highest grade you've ever gotten on a test
  10. Imagine this: You have an hour of free time. How do you spend it?

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Quiz topic: How much of a good girl am I?