Are U a Girlie Girl?

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There are two types of girl in thişs world-a tomboy and a girlie girl.Analyze who u are by taking this shott quiz I prepared with meticulousy.You will enjoy it I promise.

Do u have the characteristics of a girl or boy? Learn now by taking my short quiz if u are totally curious!!!! :D Lol :) Good luck in your quiz.I hope that u get your desired results people.TYSM FOR TAKING MY FIRST QUIZ!

Created by: Ebru

  1. How often do u go to shoppin?
  2. Do u rather wear a skirt or pants?
  3. What is ur favourite hobby?
  4. Do u prefer eating fast food or a homemade meal?
  5. So far did u like this quiz?(This is my first quiz.)Thanks for doin it. :)
  6. What do u think?ARe u a tomboy or a girlie girl?
  7. What kind of movies do u watch?
  8. Where do u like to go?
  9. So..can u pls comment on my first quiz?Tysm. :D
  10. So this is the last question.Thanks for holding my quiz :D Ok.If u were a boy like in Beyonce's song would u cheat on your gf(girlfriend) or not?

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