How much of a germaphobe are you

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This quiz is to see if you are a germaphobe you will be asked a series of questions this quiz will give you the answer. I'm sure a lot of you guys would like to no if your a germophobe if so this is the quiz for you.

Are you a germophobe, do you wash your hands often are you constantly thinking about germs. This is a quiz for all ages and genders this is also a very officiant quiz. Hope you enjoy.

Created by: Pllfeed
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  1. Would you touch a toilet seat?
  2. Would you hug someone with a cold.
  3. Do you cover your nose if someone coughs or sneezes on you
  4. Do you wash your hands before you eat
  5. Do you touch door handles
  6. How many times in a day do you wash your hands
  7. How many times do you touch your face during the day
  8. When you eat a sandwich do you eat the part you touched
  9. Do you drink from your friends glass
  10. If you drop food on the floor do you still eat it
  11. Do you bite you fingernails

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Quiz topic: How much of a germaphobe am I