are you a germaphobe?

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i know i am going to take this quiz because i want to know if i am clean or gross. i hope in this quiz you will find out something new about yourself.

are you a germaphobe? no more wondering for you. down below you will see some questions. please, answer them honestly or the quiz will not work. good luck!

Created by: Ashley long
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  1. If your friend came to your house and brought his/her dog, and when she left there was a bunch of dog hair on your carpet you would...
  2. your child goes out to play with a friend. when he/she comes home he has a box, and in a box there was a frog. what would you do/say?
  3. your friend is over and he/she went to the bath room. she comes out and you ask her/him if they washed their hands. they claim they did but her hands are not wet. what would you do or say?
  4. you are find a stink bug on your shoe what do you do?
  5. you are talking to a friend and they sneeze and do not cover their mouth what do you do?
  6. you are going swimming, while you are swimming you find a dead frog in the pool what do you do?
  7. you see someone picking their nose what do you do?
  8. you are at a party were you get to try on clothes what do you do?
  9. you are doing a project in class were you dissect a frog what do you do?
  10. do you think you are a germaphobe?

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Quiz topic: Am I a germaphobe?