How Much Of A Gamer Are You

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Be brave and take this quiz. This is a test for video games. Whether you like Minecraft, Growtopia, Grand Theft Auto, Call Of Duty or Five Nights At Freddy's, This is the quiz for you

6715 is a boy, born on December 6th, 2004. I am very smart for my age. I created the no scam club in Growtopia. I love Video Games. Please Take This Quiz

Created by: 6715

  1. What is a sandbox game
  2. What game was invented in 2002
  3. Were there video games in 1933
  4. Which Company Made Dumb Ways To Die
  5. What is the binary of 37
  6. When was Mario Not Released
  7. What's New
  8. Which Australian car doesn't have a replica in GTA
  9. What is my username in Growtopia
  10. What Year Was Minecraft Update 1.7.2 Released - The Update That Changed The World
  11. What date did Gamer Jenkins1 (Lawrie Jenkins) and his 2 brothers die in a car accident

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