What games do you play?

Many people think they don't play video games. I think every one is a gamer in some way. Now you will know what type of games you really do play in this quiz.

Do you know what type of gamez you play? In a few minutes you will know. This quiz is meant to help you find your inner gamer inside of you that is taking this quiz. you will know what you have on the gamer side.

Created by: Zachary Gibson

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  1. You have go on a trip. What 3 handheld Games Do you take?
  2. You can have 2 consoles for the rest of your life. What are these consoles?
  3. Name the last 3 skylanders games in order. (Note: If you can also name the tree skylander (Hint hint) Then you get bonUs!)
  4. Who cares about these franchises: Mario, TLOZ, Pokemon, CoD, WoW and Starcraft?
  5. What you favortis typez OFVIDs Gamez Isd Aquest SHUN!
  6. LInk does not speak t or f. Cod sucks t or f. Pong was cool t or f.
  7. esc.out "What" + "is" + "your" + "favorite" + "game";
  8. Its a me _____. It's __. I like to kick ___ and ____ bubble gum.
  9. What is the BEST company ever?
  10. Sony or microsoft?

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Quiz topic: What games do I play?