How much of a Drake fan are you?

Don't we all just love Drizzy Drake? Whether it's for his deep lyrics and "leave you guessing" metaphors, or his emotional love ballads. Drake's music is something we can all relate to.

How much of a Drake fan are you? Are you as big of a Drake fan as you think you are? Until now, you could only wonder and imagine. Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Shun

  1. What is Drake's favorite food?
  2. As of February 2011, how many music videos has Drake and Trey Songz appeared in together?
  3. What is Drake's shoe size?
  4. What is the name of Drake's offical fansite?
  5. What would Drake do for his grandmother whenever he needed extra cash?
  6. Which would you see Drake be least likely to wear?
  7. What was the first music video that both Drake and Lil' Wayne appeared in together?
  8. While traveling a 22-hour drive between Memphis & Toronto in a Mercury Cougar, Drake's dad would let him listen to any album for 20 minutes. What album would Drake listen to?
  9. Drake has a hit song called "Find Your Love" which is produced by Kanye West. Who did the beat originally belong to before it became Drake's?
  10. Growing up, Drake lived in his mother's basement. What color were the walls of the basement?
  11. What was "Thank Me Later" original lead single before "Over"?
  12. What is Drake's favorite song off of his third mixtape "So Far Gone"?
  13. When is Drake's mother's birthday?
  14. In which of Drake's songs does Drake mention, singer/producer, Ryan Leslie?
  15. Which is one of Drake's favorite television shows?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Drake fan am I?