Drizzy Drake And T.I.

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Created by: Lareesa
  1. What are both T.I. and Drake's Full names?
  2. Who has been to jail?
  3. Who is hott!!
  4. What is T.I.'s name on ATL? What is Drake's name on Degrassi?
  5. What is the name of T.I.'s latest album? What is the name of Drake's latest mixtape?
  6. What magazine have both T.I. and Drake been on the cover of?
  7. T.I. is from______? Drake is form_______?
  8. (2010) How old is T.I.? How old is Drake?
  9. Who Has Kids?
  10. What line is from T.I.'s song/verse "What You Know"? What line is from Drake's song/verse "bed rock"?
  11. What are rememberable lines?words that T.I. says and Drake says?

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