How Much of a Django Unchained Fan Are You?

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I absolutely love Django Unchained. I was bored, so I decided to create a quiz about my favorite movie. This is for entertainment purposes and just for fun.

Are you a Django fan? Are you bored? I am happy you found my quiz. Please enjoy, comment, and rate. Thank you! Have a great day or a great night!!!!!!!!

Created by: byebye_Birdie
  1. Who wrote and directed the movie Django Unchained?
  2. What is Leonardo Dicaprio's character name?
  3. When Dr. King Schultz and Django were in the saloon, what did Dr. Schultz tell Django to help him look for?
  4. What job Django and Schultz have?
  5. When did Django Unchained came to the theaters?
  6. What did Django say to one of the Brittle Brothers after shooting one of them? *Hint* One of the brothers was about to whip one of the slaves for breaking eggs.
  7. What is Django's wife name?
  8. What language did Django's wife speak fluently?
  9. Who was Calvin Candie's right hand man?
  10. What company did Quentin Tarantino's character work at?
  11. Who sings Django's Main Theme?
  12. How did Calvin Candie die?

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Quiz topic: How Much of a Django Unchained Fan am I?