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  • 100%

    Sethipo Jun 28 '14, 10:07PM
  • I'm a77% and yes I know I'm one and I'm not afraid to be one ;)

    Babygirl1234 May 24 '14, 12:42PM
  • Well I have many friends and none of the. Say I'm mean or a b---- but some people have

    TIMEofDYING May 3 '14, 2:33PM
  • 85% and yes I know I am one but you got to be one first... and no my parent gave me up a year ago... so they don't love me
    have a good f---ing day :D

    nonojackson101 May 2 '14, 1:35PM
  • 2% a i . . .

    The best tomboy Apr 3 '14, 2:03AM
  • 23%

    OmegaWolf Dec 3 '13, 11:08AM
  • 64% -_-

    Babyblue Oct 20 '13, 12:08AM
  • 21% bitch XD

    ICEE CHILL Sep 26 '13, 4:46PM
  • Only 20% bi[i][/i]tch? Nice! CX

    TROLL3 Aug 30 '13, 1:12PM
  • lol 89%. Im proud and love to be stylish at the same time.

    chocolategross Aug 30 '13, 3:58AM
  • You are 28% Bittch!

    Well your on your way to being a Bittch! Just a few more years! I suggest you calm it down. It really doesn't pay to be a bittch. People stop liking you and it can be awfully lonely!

    um, first off, this quiz is totally off. I DO NOT do these things! Why is this on the newest quiz list????

    Omega_Wolf Aug 28 '13, 6:20PM
  • I got 59 percent... And being cruel is LOADS of fun :D

    firepikachu Aug 22 '13, 7:38PM
  • 46%

    Inloveandstuff Aug 18 '13, 1:12AM
  • 89% b*tch. ^-^

    IDunnoSoYeah Aug 5 '13, 2:39PM
  • 46%!! Awesome! :)

    tddw Aug 5 '13, 2:14PM
  • 75% thats about right but my tat says BEOTCH

    missmissy Jul 30 '13, 10:03PM
  • wow, 33%, oh and p.s., those of yall who are sayin' she spelled he/she spelled b---- wrong, she did that for a reason!

    Directioner_Gurl Jul 29 '13, 1:52PM
  • Did I really get the lowest score with 17%?

    UndefinedPerson Jul 27 '13, 9:41PM
  • i got 74%.......its ok i kvow iam one

    Still The Best Jul 16 '13, 4:45PM
  • But all in all I am one......I'm not really mad because its true...mwahahahaha

    skulllprincess Jul 8 '13, 7:20AM
  • 69% ....bad grammer and I'm 17 so none of this sh** had to do with me and what's with you.......if you have a problem with peole then.why make a quiz burn in Hell you b*****d

    skulllprincess Jul 8 '13, 7:19AM
  • 77% oh and learn how to spell,b----!

    knucklesthegreat Jun 20 '13, 12:31PM

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