How much if a nerd are you?

This quiz is an adventure through difficult and self question questions. You will find out if you are the ultimate nerd or if, you will fail. Good luck old friend.

Are you a totall nerd take the test to find out! You will be challenged by difficult questions but at the end, you will get the result! I hope you enjoy my quiz

Created by: Tomoe-san

  1. What Is photosynthesis?
  2. What is the square roof of 64?
  3. What is Isaac Newton's third law?
  4. How did Albert Einstein discover gravity
  5. How many years ahead or behind are you in your maths work
  6. What is Co2?
  7. Are you popular
  8. What is your favourite adjective
  9. In what continent is the country Latvia
  10. How many types of lightning are there

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Quiz topic: How much if a nerd am I?