How much I love you!

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Many people can easily tell you that they love. Sometimes, you believe them. But then they do something that proves that wrong. I'll let you know that I love you.

Do you not believe me? Take this quiz to find out how much I truly love you. You won't be disappointed at all whatsoever. I guarantee you that you'll be truly satisfied!

Created by: Cilantro

  1. You know that I love you, right?
  2. And you know why I love you, right?
  3. So humor me...
  4. Tell me, why do I love you? Tell me exactly why.
  5. How much do I love you?
  6. Do you love me back?
  7. Do you think I'd die for you?
  8. Would you die for me?
  9. Why are you even taking this?
  10. You asked for it...

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