does your crush really love you back

hi everyone taking this quiz at the end when you get your result there is a massive possibility that i am correct and if u get a result u are a bit upset about don't worry because there will be plenty ore people to choose from :)

why am i sure the results will be correct ? because i am a love expert trust me i have never got a love quiz or tips to people wrong so whatever your result is it will be correct so don't think i'm wrong because i can assure you its correct

Created by: arifa

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. does he socialise with you (talk to you,follow you social media,smile at you ect)
  2. does he stare at you
  3. does he hang around with you
  4. has he ever touched you in anyways
  5. does he blush or gets a bit speechless when the 2 of you talk
  6. does he ever look right in your eyes just day dreaming at you
  7. has he ever tried to make you laugh
  8. i am ___ and he is ___
  9. has he ever acted strange just to get your attention
  10. do u think he has a crush on you (be honest)

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Quiz topic: Does my crush really love you back