Loverebeccah's music quiz

Heyy, Im Loverebeccah, as in Love-Rebecca.Hayes This is a quiz on music and your result can be Rock,Indie,Pop/R&B or Soul, but please dont get upset if you dont get the result you want, this is just for fun!

Anyway, I like Pop and Alternitive music, but thats me, your choice is up to you. Cant choose?? then this quiz is entirly for you! Okay, I really hope you enjoy this, bye, send a comment or rate if you can!

Created by: Loverebeccah

  1. First of all, what music do you like??
  2. What would you wear at a night out with your mates??
  3. Your mates say that you are...
  4. What insrtument would you like to play??
  5. I dont know what to ask now, what do you think of that??
  6. ...
  7. Okay, heres a question, if you could visit any place, what would it be??
  8. Whats your house like??
  9. Youre at a concert and you get bored so what do you do??
  10. What would that concert be??
  11. Pick a thing to do:
  12. What do you say when you get angry alot??
  13. What would you choose as a pet??
  14. Choose an emoticon:
  15. Have you ever thought of whitning your teeth or dying your hair??
  17. Which one do you like better, penut butter or chocolate spread??
  18. Choose one of these beverages:
  19. Now choose one of these foods:
  20. Which pendant matches your personality:
  21. Whats your ideal way of having a good time??
  22. Which one out of these would you prefer to be together with:
  23. Choose of out of these lyrics:
  24. What mood are you in right now??

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