What type of music do you listen to?

There's lots of music lovers out there, but very few of them actually have what it takes to say that they have a good choice in music. Sure, they claim that they do, but they don't.

So, internet user, are you one of the few people left that still actually knows enough to say that you have a good choice of music? Let's find out! Take the short quiz below.

Created by: Alex
  1. When you turn on the radio, what station do you tune to?
  2. How loud do you usually play your music during the day, at home, on computer speakers?
  3. How do you configure your equalizer?
  4. Where is your favorite place to shop for music?
  5. When do you most listen to your iPod or MP3 player?
  6. When you buy a CD, how many of the tracks are ones you like?
  7. What type of lyrics do you prefer?
  8. When you let someone listen to your favorite song, what do they think about it?
  9. When you're laying in bed, waiting to go to sleep, and you hear someone drive by with their subwoofer blasting, what do you think?
  10. What is Nightwish?
  11. If you answered anything but the last option above, what type of music do they play?
  12. What is a single?
  13. If you're playing your music a tad to loudly, and your neighbor asks you to turn it down, what do you do?
  14. If one sound is playing at 50 decibels and another plays at 70 decibels, how loud is the second sound compared to the first?
  15. Driving down the highway, you hear a commercial on the car radio that says that 50 cents is performing downtown this weekend, what do you do?
  16. I say "rickrolled," you say,
  17. Do you own a musical instrument?
  18. Did you ever take music classes in Junior High, High School or College?
  19. If the guy on the city bus bench seat next to you is playing his music too loudly, what do you do?
  20. What do you think about golf?

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Quiz topic: What type of music do I listen to?