How much Harry Potter?

Harry Potter....a celebrated movie and book series.Many people say they are fans, but there is more to being a fan than having just watched one movie or glancing at the cover of the books. You must have knowledge.

Are YOU a mad HP fan? Or do you need to spruce up on Potters? Find out here! When you have answared the next 12 questions you will know if you are a true HP fan. GOOD LUCK!

Created by: EllaGranger
  1. Who played Sirius Black?
  2. Who tells Ron he has dirt on his nose?
  3. Who does Harry get on his first Chocolate Frog card?
  4. Which character is briefly mentioned in the first movie, but left alone untill the third?
  5. Who does Harry kiss in the room of requierment?
  6. Who wrote Harry Potter?
  7. What is Buckbeak?
  8. Which actor that had a starring roll in the Harry Potter series recently died of cancer?
  9. What pet is small, pink and cuddly?
  10. What ball has a flesh memory?

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