Harry Potter Trivia

Here is the ultimate Harry Potter trivia quiz , to test you knowledge about the Potter universe. Let's see if you can pass it without making a single mistake.

Let me warn you , this quiz will be much easier for those who have actually read all the books cover to cover . But anyway , I would like to wish you good luck on this quiz.

Created by: Harry Potter Fan
  1. Who is Harry Potter
  2. Where is Diagon Alley ?
  3. Who opened the chamber of secrets 50 years ago ?
  4. Who is Buckbeak ?
  5. Who from the following is NOT a triwizard champion
  6. Who told Umbridge about Dumbledores army ?
  7. What did Harry use to save Ron from the poison mead in the 6th book/movie ?
  8. Who did William Weasley get married too ?
  9. Who is the first centaur Harry meets ?
  10. Who was the first person to escape Azkaban ?

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