How Much Flower Child Are You?

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This quiz is to see if you have any inner flower child. This quiz will let you know if you are any or no flower child. With the little details of your life, this quiz will determine your hidden personality!

I hope you enjoy this quiz, and you must answer honestly, and make the right choices. Or your result will not be true! If you don't know what to pick, choose the one that is most like you!

Created by: Carly Grace

  1. Do you like typewriters, record players, and old jewelry?
  2. Spiders, snakes, and frogs?
  3. Would you rather...
  4. Are you an early riser or a night owl.
  5. Tik Tok?
  6. You find an old man on the side of the road, and he is huddled up in a blanket; shivering. What do you do?
  7. What would you most like to collect?
  8. Pick some emojis.
  9. What do you do when fishing?
  10. Do you walk around barefoot?
  11. What would you fight for?

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Quiz topic: How Much Flower Child am I?