What Stage of a Flower's Life Are You?

There are five main stages in a flower's life, in my opinion. Which one most relates to you -- this quiz will hopefully find out. Thank you for thinking about taking my quiz... now act upon those thoughts (please)!

I will apologize in advance for any misspells, or if none of the answers given fit what you would say. There are only six spaces available for answers.

Created by: Shadowcat
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  1. Let's say someone walks up to you and asks if you would like to participate in a poll. What do you say?
  2. School presidential elections are being held. Do you run? And do you vote?
  3. Your boss at work offers you a new position, one that is higher than your current position. It thus pays more money, but also requires more time and greater responsibility. Do you take it?
  4. You're invited by one of your friends to a pool party. The party is large, but you don't know anyone else there. What do you do there?
  5. One of the stranger at the party -- a -very- attractive person of the oppostie sex (or same, if you prefer)-- walks up to you and begins to flirt with you. How do you react?
  6. How large is your group of friends? What about the group of known aquaintances?
  7. Thoughts on dating...
  8. What type of weather do you prefer (or which one do you think represents you best)?
  9. What type of movie do you like best (which one do you think best describes you)?
  10. Look at the following list of phrases. Pick one that attracts you the most. Don't think about it! Waterfall in a forest Treasure at a rainbow's end Beautiful jewelry in a box Candle in a dark room Red leaves falling from trees

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Quiz topic: What Stage of a Flower's Life am I?