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  • Your crush likes you 74%! 74%

    Now that's a great result. Your crush likes you for sure. This is the green light you have been waiting for; it's time to make a move

    Lol hope they really do like me

    • Your crush likes you 64%! 64%

      Great, your crush is interested in you. You can take a step ahead and build some tension between two of you. Good luck. i told my crush but she said that she likes someone else and i already missed things up by saying why dont you ask her if she likes u that way it makes me sadder (btw i am suicdal) and my crush started crying also my crush is my bff

      what a long name
  • It's a good quiz. Boosts your morale, you know?

  • I lied but got an 87% B)

  • nO I got a 19%