How much do you text?

Hello! i'm 56894, pleased to have to have you read this! this is a fun quiz i made up bout texting language, it might not be accurate, but it's the closest i could do to accurate!

Still reading? huh..Anyway, i hope you'll like this quiz, i suggest a re-take after a day or two without your phone! sound fair? hmm, alright.

Created by: 56894

  1. And starting this quiz off is... What does 'idk' mean?
  2. What does 'irk!' mean?
  3. Moving on, what does "U" mean? (Very easy)
  4. Alright, i bet you got that answer right..Anyway, what does "R" mean? (easy)
  5. Oh, umm, i haven't bored you yet, well, umm, i know! this one is very, very, very easy, but what does "2" mean?
  6. Hmm, lets see here..Oh, i got it! what does "4" mean? (easy)
  7. Last few questions: What do you think your score will be? A lot!, Well.. or Sorry?
  8. Only..3 more questions, alright. How many hours a day o you tex?
  9. Last two questions. Will you rate and/or comment? (no effect on score, but please be truthful!)
  10. Last question, i'm going to leave soon, but did you like this quiz? (no score effect)

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Quiz topic: How much do I text?