Do You Know TXT Language?(2)

There are many people who know text language. What is a text freak??? A person who gets a 100% in this awesome fantastic suberb quiz that is kind of hard.

Are you a text freak who really knows all of the text language signs and symbols? If you are take this quiz that will help you know if you are a freak.

Created by: ilovepink
  1. What does otp mean?
  2. What does WTG mean?
  3. What does f2f mean?
  4. What does BCnU mean?
  5. What does brb mean?
  6. What does jk mean?
  7. What does g2g mean?
  8. What does ikr mean?
  9. What does ROFL mean?
  10. What does TTYL mean?
  11. What does BFN mean?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know TXT Language?(2)