How do you release your anger?

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Bored, LOLROFLLMFAOPMSLSBIU-try and work that one out lol ok here ya go... laughing out loud rolling on floor laughing my ass off peeing myself laughing so much its unbelivble

Blah blah natter natter chat chat more randome things.....ICE CREAM. sorry im easily d..i..s..t..SQUIRREL!!! lol having fun then probs not just do da quiz it'll be fine

Created by: sammierox1997

  1. You have just found a note that fall out your mates pocket. You pick it up and open it. Inside is a conversation between your two best mates and they are slagging you off and b----ing about you. You...?
  2. One of your mates has just told you that one of the group was slagging you off in one of her lessons. You...?
  3. Their is a rumour going round that you are bisexual (not being homophobic i swear) and you are not and people are taking the mickey. You..?
  4. U jst got shoved over by this huge kid about 3 years older than you. You..?
  5. Outta Questions now so just some random ones now
  6. Cake??
  7. Soda?
  8. Make-Up??
  9. Pet
  10. Siblings?

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Quiz topic: How do I release my anger?