How well do you know Daniella Russotti

You think you know Daniella Russotti test your knowledge and see if your an expert or you barely know her maybe you are are one of her best friends and you didn't even realize wouldn't that be silly

If you don't know her just test your guessing skills you may found out you know everything about her just by guessing that would be so funny I'm laughing out loud

Created by: Daniella

  1. who old is Daniella as the of July of 2018
  2. What color is Daniella hair
  3. What is Daniella's favorite color
  4. What color is Daniella's eyes
  5. What is Daniella's favorite song
  6. What was the name of the reality show Daniella wanted to make
  7. What was the original name of Daniella finsta
  8. What is the current name of Daniella's finsta
  9. What is Daniella's favorite show
  10. Who is Daniella's favorites on Dance moms
  11. Daniella is not
  12. What does Daniella want be in 5 years
  13. Daniella loves
  14. Daniella hates
  15. Why does Daniella like to break out into song

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Daniella Russotti