Do You Know Text Language???

The texting language is a very common language used while texting friends and younger people. Most adults only know the easy texting language so this is too test if you know more than a adult.

Get your friends, family, and even parents to show off who is the texting pro. By taking this quiz you can even find out new texting meaning and symbols.

Created by: Bernadette
  1. What does "Txt" mean?
  2. What does "ttfn" mean?
  3. What does "brb" mean
  4. What does "wc" mean
  5. what does "o.k" mean?
  6. What does "2nite" mean?
  7. What does "tmi" mean
  8. What does "fcol" mean
  9. What does "4evea" mean
  10. What does "*$" mean
  11. What does "ello" mean
  12. Last Question. What does "ABITHIWTITB" mean

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Text Language???