Which text talk word should you know?

yeah so theres this thing called text talk and its really cool and it seriously saves time for you and confuses your reader/s haha lol but its really good and you ought to learn some words itll really help you online

which text talk word should you learn the meaning of? take the quiz and find out which text talk word or abbreviation is most suitable for you to learn and use by your writing and by what you write.

Created by: wuu2 babe

  1. are you a talkative person?
  2. do things surprise you easily?
  3. are you ever too busy to do stuff?
  4. do you ever agree to things too easily?
  5. what do you think of my quiz?
  6. are you going to rate it?
  7. what about post a comment?
  8. do you write in sentances?
  9. are you scared of number 13
  10. okay ummm whaddya think about ME?

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Quiz topic: Which text talk word should I know?