How Much Do You Really Know Bout Percy Jackson

There are many people in this world but few know the truth about the greek gods. You can take toques quiz to test your Greek Trivia! Please precede and enjoy!

In this quiz you will test your Greek Brain Power! You will be graded in the average A+ to Fail of our school system. In a few minutes you can test to see if you would survive in your need-to-know-greek-stuff scenario!

Created by: Leah Hoffer

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  1. About how many Camp Half-Blood campers are at the battle against Kronos, as in demigods?
  2. In the Last Olympian what god is cursing "Blinky" from Pacman?
  3. Since this quiz includes The Heroes of Olympus too, how many people are on the Argo 2 most of the time?
  4. What is the name of the harpy Tyson likes?
  5. In what book is Annabeth presumed to be dead by Dionysus?
  6. What book do Annabeth kiss Percy in?
  7. What is Athena's Roman name.
  8. Who is the demon that operates the entrance into the Underworld? (Hint he claims he not payed enough)
  9. What USA soldiers are eternally in dept to Ares and have to shuttle Clarisse to her quest to the Sea Of Monsters?
  10. Who died first in the Last Olympian?
  11. What goddess erupted out of sea foam?
  12. What goddess sprouted from Zeus's head in full battle armor?
  13. What camp is more strict and less fun?
  14. What is a telkine?
  15. Who's throne did Jason topple?
  16. Is this quiz fun?
  17. What language does Annabeth teach Percy to help him understand stuff better?
  18. What is a drakon?
  19. In what book does Percy, Thalia, and Grover share a 'dam' joke?
  20. You are going to rate and comment on this quiz?

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