How well do you know Percy Jackson?

How well do you know about Percy Jackson? Take this quiz now to find out! There are 12 questions and do you think you can get them all right! Take the quiz now and find out!

Are you ready to take this quiz all about Percy jackson! In a few minutes you will have to answer 12 question and then see how well you did! Good luck and I hope you all enjoy it!

Created by: Bigbrobacon

  1. Who is Percy's father?
  2. What cabin does Percy live in at Camp Half-Blood?
  3. How old was Percy when he first arrived at Camp Half-Blood?
  4. Who is Tyson?
  5. What is the 4th book in the Percy Jackson series?
  6. Who is Annabeth Chase daughter of?
  7. What is Luke Castellan's sword called?
  8. Who is Charles Beckendorf son of?
  9. How old was Thalia Grace when she was turned into a pine tree?
  10. Who's body did Kronos take over?
  11. Who is the lord of time?
  12. Who was Riptide, Percy's sword, originally owned by?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Percy Jackson?