How much do you really know about pregnancy?

As an obstetrical nurse, I deal with a lot of pregnant woman. Many of them do not understand even a few of the basics of pregnancy. I have composed a quiz to see if you have enough sense to make it through a pregnancy and be a parent.

Do you know everything that you need to know about pregnancy? Do you know what aches and pains are normal? What aches and pains are dangerous? Do you even know where the baby grows? Do you know enough to be a parent? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Sharon
  1. In what body organ does the fetus implant and grow?
  2. Which parent supplies the chromosome that decides the baby's gender?
  3. The baby is attached to the inside of mother's bell button.
  4. Which statements are true?
  5. A baby grows is in a gestation sac that is suspended inside the mother's abdominal cavity.
  6. The baby gets all of it's oxygen, blood, and food from the umbilical cord that is attached to the placenta.
  7. Sex is dangerous in normal healthy pregnancies.
  8. Normal or complication: heartburn
  9. Normal or complication: vomiting everyday
  10. Normal or complication: High blood pressure
  11. Normal or complication: Decreased fetal movement

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Quiz topic: How much do I really know about pregnancy?