How much do YOU love Hello Kitty?

Some people that love cats are also fans of the beloved Hello Kitty the goddess of cats. I think that if you take this quiz you will figure out how much you REALLY love Hello Kitty!

Think about Hello Kitty ... What came to your mind ? ...Cats? well take this quiz to find out how much you like Hello Kitty . This quiz has questions that are pretty accurate....*meow*

Created by: fatii96
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  1. You know the first two questions didn't count right?
  2. Do you even like cats?
  3. Do you like Bows?
  4. What is the name of one of the cousins of Hello Kitty?
  5. What does Hello Kitty like to do best?
  6. How tall is Hello Kitty?
  7. Do you rather get kissed by a cat or a dog? (No Effect)
  8. How much DO you love Hello Kitty?
  9. Okay last (real) question... What is Hello Kitty's boyfriend's name?
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Quiz topic: How much do I love Hello Kitty?