Domo Kun, or Hello Kitty?

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Many people in this world LOVE Domo Kun and lots of others like Hello Kitty. What do you think is better Domo or Kitty? Take this quiz to find out!!

Sorry if the quiz is going to end up being crappy :( I didn't put much effort in it but I did do a lot of research about Hello Kitty and Domo Kun but I couldn't find anything :(

Created by: lilfreakgryl
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  1. Brown or pink?
  2. Monster or kitty?
  3. Rawr or meow?
  4. Do you prefer strange creatures that hatched from an egg, or a Japanese bobtail cat with a bow?
  5. Would you rather wear a Hello Kitty shirt or a Domo Kun shirt?
  6. Do you like Domo Kun or Hello Kitty?
  7. Cute kitty or "scary" monster?
  8. Bow or no bow?
  9. Clothes or no clothes?
  10. Japan or Britain?

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