are you a cat person

There are some questions that state smarts and others don't.and not trying to be mean but, if your taking this cuz you want to be stupid and mean please don't and there are some kitty geniousous and some kitty shamers which one are you? If you love cats your a catperson this quiz just narrows down some stuff

Back to 100 percent positives there are some fun questions and some questions you think might be on a quiz at school and this quiz was created by a 10 year old so please excuse spelling errors. And are you a discrase to all kittys? Kittys love you if you love them and just incase you don't know cats only hate dogs depending on their aggression

Created by: cara

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  1. Do you ever feel like your cat is talking to you
  2. How many cats do you have
  3. Do you like cats
  4. Do you like dogs
  5. Do you or did you use to play cats
  6. Do you watch cat shows (this quiz will begin to get technical)
  7. Why do cats lick them selves
  8. If your holding or petting your cat and they twich or wag their tail what does it mean
  9. If you were a cat would you like climbing down trees (think about it)
  10. What do cat claws look like

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Quiz topic: Am I a cat person