How much do you know the car brand Audi?

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There are people who know there cars and don't. Lets get into specifics and test you own knowledge about the car brand Audi. Lets see how much you know about cars now.

Have fun. Please rate this quiz a 10 (ten) star when you're finished and don't get all pissed off if you don't do so great. Just look at my photo. It's not a class or a school test. LOL!

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  1. What does the S in the Mosel S4, S5, S6, S7 stand for?
  2. What two generations of Audi are made with convertibles?
  3. Where are Audis made?
  4. What is the most popular Audi model in Toronto?
  5. What is Audis logo?
  6. Audi was the name of a person.
  7. What two Audi models are identical?
  8. When was Audi founded?
  9. How much does an average Audi cost?
  10. What's bigger (larger)?
  11. What model of Audi is worth over $101.350?
  12. R,S,A are the only letters used in Audi models.
  13. Audi is the only car in five to eight years not to win the top safety pick.
  14. What model of Audi after nine years back still has more technology than 30% of modern cars.
  15. Every model of Audi has seat heaters.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know the car brand Audi?